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Story of the Wellbriety Movement

White Bison has been an energetic and proud member and supporter of the Native sobriety movement since its own founding in 1988. Some of the learning products found on the product page of this website date back to the decade of the 1990s and the sobriety movement. But by the mid to late 1990's White Bison began to realize that most people wanted to find sobriety and recovery from alcohol and drugs, and then go on to live lives of wellness and wholeness rooted both in their own tribal cultures and in the mainstream world. It was then that the sobriety movement began to transition over into the Wellbriety Movement, which White Bison developed and champions today.

Wellbriety means to be both sober and well. It means to have come through recovery from chemical dependency and to be a recovered person who is going beyond survival to thriving in his or her life and in the life of the community. The Well part of Wellbriety means to live the healthy parts of the principles, laws and values of traditional culture. It means to heal from dysfunctional behaviors other than chemical dependency, as well as chemical dependency itself. This includes co dependency, ACOA behavior, domestic or family violence, gambling, and other shortcomings of character.

The Wellbriety movement was born with Hoop Journey I in 1999 and is carried through each succeeding Hoop Journey. During Hoop Journey I, the many Wellbriety Days presentations that took place at the Tribal colleges on the Hoop Journey showed what Wellbriety could be. Each local community shared what it meant to them. The birth of the Wellbriety Movement on Hoop Journey I was also the birth of the grassroots Firestarters program.


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