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The Seeds of Healing
Thank you for continuing to carry the torch. The seeds of healing and recovery that White Bison has planted and nurtured will continue to touch lives for generations. It truly is the gift of life for many and I have just witnessed a small part of that by what we are sharing here in Texas. Much Love and Respect to you.
Shawna H.

Healing Results
The training was amazing & even more powerful than I'd expected. One lady said in her comments afterwards that she received more healing in those three days than she has in the 40+ years she's been coming to our organization. As long as I've known her, she's been a very challenging & angry person. She had an amazing change & couldn’t say enough good about the process that she went through. Another guy has drank for 40 years. He just stopped in yesterday & reported he is now on his 9th day of sobriety.
Donna L.