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6455 N. Union Blvd, Ste 102 | Colorado Springs CO 80918 | Toll Free 877-871-1495


Wellbriety Training Institute

Vision: We are an internationally recognized, Native American operated training institute and center of excellence. We provide culturally based training for professionals and grassroots activists who work directly with individuals, families and communities.

Purpose: To support a sustainable grassroots Wellbriety Movement by developing and providing culturally based training, tools and resources to enable the ongoing growth and sustainability of the Wellbriety Movement.

  • Goals:
    • All of our trainings are available as part of a training package or as a stand-alone program.
    • Communities may attend our training programs at the Wellbriety Training Institute in Colorado Springs OR we can come to your community!
    • All of our training programs provide 24 CEHs from NAADAC
  • Trainings:
    • Train facilitators who implement the various training programs within their communities.
    • Provide assistance to communities and facilitators who have been trained by Wellbriety Training Institute.

Video Descriptions of the Training Packages:   In the below video, Don Coyhis explains what the Boarding Schools did to our communities. He describes how this trauma is the foundation of the social challenges in our communities today and how the Wellbriety Training Institute programs provide culturally- and community-based solutions. It is important to view this video BEFORE looking at the training package descriptions.


Impact On Our Youth:  Many of our children have been raised in unhealthy forests. They have role models who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, who are depressed, fearful, unemployed, and disconnected from their cultural strengths. For these youth, there is no childhood. They need to learn that what they have experienced is not their fault.

The Cycle of Life is broken between Youth and Adult:  In our traditional cultures, Elders taught the Youth how to transition into adulthood during coming-of-age ceremonies. Many of our young people no longer have access to the traditional teachings.