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Warrior Down / Recovery Coach


Warrior Down / Recovery Coach

Warrior Down is the cry used to signify that a warrior has been wounded or incapacitated in some way and needs help. The Warrior Down program creates the response team that provides the support and finds the resources to get that warrior back into their recovery process. This is a peer to peer program that is designed to equip Native American/Alaska Natives in recovery to provide recovery support, prevent recidivism and provide community referrals for those re-entering the community from treatment or from various forms of incarceration.

Warrior Down

Warrior Down< Train facilitators to implement this curriculum, which provides a relapse prevention and recovery support program for Native American/Alaska Natives who are completing treatment, returning to the community from incarceration, or who have been working on their recovery journey using traditional method or 12 Step methods and who wish to provide support to others experiencing the same.