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Wellbriety Circles/Meetings

Wellbriety Circles/Meetings

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Shawnee OKLAHOMAAbsentee Shawnee White Bison Wellbriety Recovery Group jsoap@astribe.comJohn Soap 405-878-4716AST Multi-purpose building5:30PM on Thursday's Follow the Red Road to Wellbreity book. 2029 S. Gordon Cooper Dr. 74804USA Everyone
JuneauALASKAWelbriety Support Groupjmcdonald@ccthita-nsn.govJustin McDonald 907-463-7197Tlingit & Haida Vocational Training ResourceTuesdays 6:00pm – 8:00pmCo-Ed3239 Hospital Drive99801USAOpen
StebbinsALASKATapraq Talking Circlewwalker@nshcorp.orgWard Walker9079441222Friendship Qasgiq, Stebbins VBC officeMonday and Wednesday Men @ Noon, Women at 1PM Newcomers and aftercarePO Box 71102, Stebbins AK, 9967199761USAtwice a week, feel free to call or text, free, no paperwork
Camp VerdeARIZONAVerde Valley Wellbriety glorylg32@gmail.comGlory A. Lewis-G.(928)274-2546Tunlii Community Building 1520 E. Cherry Creek Rd, Camp Verde, AZ. 86322Tues. 6-8 pm 12 step work and Sunday 12(Noon) Talking CircleTuesday 12 step work & Friday is talking circle1520 E. Cherry Creek Rd86322USAOpen Men & Women
Camp VerdeARIZONARed Road to Wellbriety glorylg32@gmail.comGlory A. Lewis-G.9282742546Tunlii Community bldg.Every Mondays 7-8 AMBook Study1520 E. Cherry Creek Rd.86322USAOpen
PhoenixARIZONAMens Wellbriety Circle, Arcadiacarl.dixon@thecrossroadsinc.orgCarl Dixon 602-281-6574CROSSROADS-ARCADIA, 5116 East Thomas Road,Phx,AZ. 85018 [Wellbriety classes=Tues.7-9pm; Thurs.730-9pm; Sun.7-9pm.] [Talkingcircles= Wed.7-9pm, Sun.7-9am] Mens Circle attend two Monthly Sweatlodge Ceremonies, plus Two AA Native Group meetings at PIMC [TBA] THE CROSSROADS-ARCADIA 5116 East Thomas Road85018USAM-F, 9am-2pm
PhoenixARIZONAWomens Wellbriety Circle- Flowerscarl.dixon@thecrossroadsinc.orgCarl Dixon602-274-0730CROSSROADS-FLOWERS[Wellbriety classes= Wed.7-9PM, Thurs.4-6PM, Sun.2-4PM] [Talkingcircles=Tues.5:30-7PM, Fri.5:30-9PM] Womens Circle attend two Sweatlodge Ceremonies per month. THE CROSSROADS- FLOWERS, 1632 East Flowers Street85018USAM-F, 9AM-2PM
PhoenixARIZONAPhoenix Wellbriety Circlecarldphx1@gmail.comCarl Dixon480 772 58317523 N. 35th/Ave.Saturday, 12:30 pm to 3:30 pmTalking-Circles, separate (M&W) will start at 12:30 pm. 2:00 pm Wellbriety speakers meetingThe Crossroads Inc. West. 7523 N. 35th/Ave.85051USAopen to the Puclic
SellsARIZONARed Road Groupraphael.mendoza@tonation-nsn.govRaphael Mendoza 520-383-6165Behavioral HealthFriday's 9am to 11amThe Red Road To Wellbriety Book Study P.O. Box 81085634USAMust enroll with Behavioral Health
TucsonARIZONAOne Sacred Nation HealingOneSacredNationHealing@yahoo.com Sheila Claw-Starr520-312-6205Tucson, AZMonday thru Friday, time varies throughout the week in different facilities.  Please feel free to contact us for more informationMedicine Wheel and 12 Steps207 S. Kolb Road, #D85710USAOpen
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